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SPECIAL OFFERS - 3 x 1kg bags (fine)
Product Code: SPE004

Himalayan Crystal Salt (for culinary use)
3 x 1kg

Himalayan Salt is of the purest, highest grade salt that has been formed for over 250 million years without exposure to pollution. Over time, its energy was built up, forming a crystalline structure with a high concentration of life force energy.

Himalayan crystal salt is a full-spectrum salt. Instead of just getting sodium and chloride, you're getting a full spectrum of trace minerals as well. Table salt is just sodium chloride. You don't get the trace minerals, and it is those trace minerals those other 90 elements that you need in order to be a healthy, vibrant human being.

Common table salt at best is useless, and at worst a destructive toxin that can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and fluid retention. (This is why doctors tell us to use less salt in our diets). It has been stripped of its trace minerals, leaving sodium and chloride, and has been further treated by adding an anti-caking agent, to make it free-flowing. Therefore it builds up in the body and leaves deposits in organs and tissue, causing health problems.

Sea salt - Subjected to pollution, sea salt has irregular and isolated crystalline structures disconnected from the natural elements surrounding them. Thus, however many vital minerals it may contain, they cannot be absorbed by your body unless the body expends considerable energy to do so.

We need salt - It is essential for maintaining healthy functioning of the cells, nerve conduction, digestion, absorption and elimination of waste products. Whereas common table salt can be detrimental to our health, natural crystal salt is reported to have healing properties.
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